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Making Waves in the World of Bread and Baking

Read below for some of the places where Red Hen Artisanale has made it into the media

Grey Makers

June 2023

Red Hen Artisanale is an educational space featuring the baking skills of Lauren Hambleton who hosts local workshops making a range of items from sourdough to bagels to pastry.

Read full article here.


Rural Voice Magazine

February 2023

Mixing a bowl of flour, water and sourdough bread starter by hand is a sticky experience but it’s the start of creating crusty, healthy sourdough bread at Red Hen Artisanale near Priceville.

Read full article here. 



January 2023

The Little Red Hen comes to Grey County

Read full article here.

Culinary Tourism Alliance

October 2022

Lauren Hambleton of Red Hen Artisanale has created a new space for aspiring bakers and enthusiasts to learn new skills and feed off her passion for grains.

Read full article here. 

Collingwood Today

May 2022

Pastry Chef brings Baking Workshops to Grey County.

Read the full article here.

Subkit Go Solo

February 2022

All out of a quaint baking studio - Red Hen Artisanale

Read full article here.

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