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The Red Hen Artisanale Studio

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The Red Hen Artisanale Studio

Is located in the heart of Grey County, within the hamlet of Glenelg Centre, or Priceville, as listed on the map. It is centered on 2 acres of country property, with the sounds of the Saugeen River running through the back yard as the soundtrack.

It is a relaxing space to settle into for a few hours, or a few days, learning all things baking, whole grains, and making new connections. 

The Space

The studio is a unique, custom designed, purpose-built space for hosting baking workshops and cooking classes.


The work tables were designed and built by Lauren's dad. Lauren did all of the tiling behind the sinks and stove, and it was a family group effort to get every square inch of the walls and ceiling painted.

There are two ovens in the studio for different uses. A generic, electric home oven is used for providing demonstrations on how to bake really great products in your own home oven. The second oven is a Rofco B40 from Belgium that contains 3 stone decks, and can be used for baking higher volumes of bread, efficiently, within a small footprint. 


In the Summer

Several different varieties of wheat and grain are grown outside, alongside the studio. The gardens are brimming with heirloom vegetables that are used in as much of the lunch preparations as possible. 

The wheat at its different stages of life provides an opportunity to take the learning from inside of the studio, to the outdoors. The picnic table in the center of the garden provides a place for workshop attendees to relax, enjoy a wholesome bite to eat, and get to know each other. 

In the Winter

The studio is kept warm and cozy thanks to the woodstove. With the many windows to let the sunlight in, it feels like a cozy, wintery scene you might find in a snow globe when it is snowing outside. The roads are quieted with a consistent padding of snow, and it is quite the peaceful place to be!


Come Experience this Oasis for Yourself

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