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The Red Hen Artisanale Boutique

January Bread Club!

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Bread Club! : A monthly Sourdough Bread Subscription. Give the gift of fresh, weekly bread, to someone you love this Holiday Season!

Each Friday, over the course of the month, pick up your fresh loaf of sourdough, just in time for the weekend. Every week, the bread on offer will be a little bit different, and details for the month of January can be found below. All breads are naturally leavened, using fresh, quality ingredients, and baked the morning of pick-up. Your bread will keep on the counter in it's paper bag, or wrapped in a tea towel or bread bag for up to 6 days. Or, you can slice it, pop it in a ziplock bag and stick it in the freezer. Pick-up for your loaf of sourdough is between 12-4 at the Red Hen Artisanale Studio - across from St. John's Catholic Church in Glenelg Centre.

Registration for January closes on Monday.January.1.2024, and occurs on a month-by-month basis. Flavours rotate each month, feeding off of inspiration from the seasons. After 3 stamps (one each month of subscription) on your Bread Club Rewards Card, I bake you something extra, special, as a thank you! Need an extra loaf one week? Send me an email and I'm happy to bump up your order for you.

*If you would like more than 1 Bread Club Subscription for your household, purchase one at full price and then purchase "second bread club subscription" for a discounted subscription.

Breads for the month of January:

Jan.5 - Grey County Country Loaf
A classic country loaf is one where at least 25% of the flour in the loaf is made up of a variety of whole grain flours. This loaf has a blend of wheat and rye flours and a slightly higher amount of water in it to keep the bread hearty, but light and flavourful at the same time.

The loaf of the week this week will be a grand surprise. Leaving a little space for new year, new inspiration. You'll find out what the flavour is at the beginning of the week in the weekly email update.

Jan.19-Carrot + Walnut
A touch of sweetness from lots of shredded carrots, balanced nicely with the toasted nuttiness of toasted walnuts. The carrots add a bit of moisture to the bread, as well as colour. The walnuts also provide a beautifully purple-stained crumb. It's a great one!

Jan.26-Spelt + Barley
Spelt is a softer wheat that provides a nice, lofty bread, that will be full of flavour and fiber. 30% of this loaf is prepared with freshly milled, whole spelt flour. Barley is cooked and folded through the dough, adding a lovely added "chew" to each bite!

Do you have questions about Bread Club? Email Lauren -->

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