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The Red Hen Artisanale Boutique

December Bread Club!

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Bread Club! : A monthly Sourdough Bread Subscription.

*There are 5 weeks in the month of December but just 4 weeks of Bread Club, as I take a break to enjoy the holidays during the final week of the month!*

Each Friday, over the course of the month, pick up your fresh loaf of sourdough, just in time for the weekend. Every week, the bread on offer will be a little bit different, and details for the month of December can be found below. All breads are naturally leavened, using fresh, quality ingredients, and baked the morning of pick-up. Your bread will keep on the counter in it's paper bag, or wrapped in a tea towel or bread bag for up to 6 days. Or, you can slice it, pop it in a ziplock bag and stick it in the freezer. Pick-up for your loaf of sourdough is between 12-4 at the Red Hen Artisanale Studio - across from St. John's Catholic Church in Glenelg Centre.

Registration for December closes on Monday.November.27.2023, and occurs on a month-by-month basis. Flavours rotate each month, feeding off of inspiration from the seasons. After 3 stamps (one each month of subscription) on your Bread Club Rewards Card, I bake you something extra, special, as a thank you! Need an extra loaf one week? Send me an email and I'm happy to bump up your order for you.

*If you would like more than 1 Bread Club Subscription for your household, purchase one at full price and then purchase "second bread club subscription" for a discounted subscription.

Breads for the month of December:

Dec.1 - Apple + Rye
Grey County is the Apple County of Ontario. A light rye bread gets a boost from a whole whack of fresh apples, diced up, and folded throughout the dough. A light sweetness, a little bit of added texture, it's a fun one, and a fan favourite!

Dec.8 - Herby Polenta
Polenta. In my bread?! YES! This savoury loaf of the week has little bits of golden polenta folded throughout the dough, alongside a plethora of fresh herbs -- rosemary, thyme, sage, etc. The polenta adds a pop of colour, but more importantly, a contrast in texture and flavour. A fabulous grilled cheese, bread, or super for a savoury breakfast.

Dec.15 - Multigrain
A blend of freshly milled (whole) wheat, rye, spelt and cornmeal, in combination with a white bread flour, make up this loaf. Soaked, cracked wheat is also folded throughout the dough, adding texture, flavour, and keeping qualities to the loaf of bread. 45% of the flour in this week's loaf is comprised of freshly milled whole grains.

Dec.22 - Toasted Sunflower + Flax
Toasted Sunflower + Flax seeds. This bread has a lovely nuttiness to it that will compliment any meal.

Dec.29 - No Bread This Week! Happy New Year!

Do you have questions about Bread Club? Email Lauren -->

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