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Bread Club!

You're seeing this page because this month's Bread Club Subscription is currently in process. Next month's Bread Club Subscription will open during the last week of the month. Check back then to sign up!

What is Bread Club?!

Bread Club is a monthly Sourdough Bread Subscription.

Each Friday, over the course of the month, pick up your fresh loaf of sourdough, just in time for the weekend.


Every week, the bread on offer will be a little bit different, but it'll always be naturally leavened, using fresh, quality ingredients, and baked the morning of pick-up. Your bread will keep on the counter in it's paper bag, or wrapped in a tea towel or bread bag for up to 6 days. Or, you can slice it, pop it in a ziplock bag and stick it in the freezer. Pick-up for your loaf of sourdough is between 12-4 at the Red Hen Artisanale Studio - across from St. John's Catholic Church in Glenelg Centre.

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